Name: Zachery,Dennis IP:99.31.94.*

Bought 100m RS3. Fast, great service and communicates to buyer well.

November 20,2015
Name: Hans Olav,Teksdal IP:48.234.198.*

did a pl for 91-100 for me.. everything went smooth a+

November 19,2015
Name: JayCee,Velasco IP:46.108.106.*

Hey everyone, So here's a quick bullet list why I love doing business with this guy: •Over 24 transactions 50k gold 100% SATISFIED •Absolute best customer service out of any gold seller I've ever dealt with. Why? -Direct emails from him personally to let me know: 1. Whether or not he has access to the amount I am seeking in stock prior to purchasing. 2. How to go about safely transmitting the gold (e.g. via the auction house). 3. Once he receives my first email our contact throughout the transaction is within minutes (e.g. when I can expect to receive my gold, etc.). 4. Turn around time from time of purchase to receipt of gold has ALWAYS been less than 20 minutes. -NOTE: You get the notification that your items have been bought off the auction house in this timeframe but it takes approx. 1 hour to receive the funds in the mail. -Doing transactions via the auction house is safer than direct trade/mail. TL;DR: I have bought gold from around 8 different suppliers over the years and this guy is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

November 07,2015
Name: Michael,Shaw IP:11.123.6.*

Bought 90 - 100 as completed in around 16 hours!

November 05,2015
Name: jim,jones IP:73.192.210.*

Bought a Swift Spectral Tiger from Jamie, did everything he could to source one for me. extremely helpful and my #1 wow provider for 3 years, bring my total gold bought from him to about 3.5M

November 02,2015
Name: Adam,James IP:62.149.228.*

Yet again bought another 70k like the gold fiend I am. This guys a real bro! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

October 27,2015
Name: Andy,Birmingham IP:76.118.150.*

This guy is the best. Just ordered a large amount, split over two servers. Was complete in less than 15 mins. Was able to bullshit with the guy on skype the whole time. They are and will be the only company I buy from

October 23,2015
Name: Joakim,Henriksson IP:71.56.240.*

Just got about 25K, instantly got the gold I needed. THX !

October 22,2015
Name: Shannon,Devine IP:42.98.92.*

bought 90-100 powerleveling. went really fast and smooth! friendly guy!

October 21,2015
Name: shawn,moran IP:159.15.27.*

Ordered 96-100 and it was done instantly, within like 4 hours of payment. Wow. Thanks!

October 21,2015

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