Name: Odd harald,Gullikstad IP:167.169.106.*

Fast and easy to talk with, smooth transaction and dirt cheap. what more could you want!

December 31,2015
Name: Zachary,Bricker IP:102.234.64.*

Very friendly and honest service, i will be using them again! Im a new user of this website and for my first purchase these guys were a brilliant choice!

December 27,2015
Name: Henkka,Lehtonen IP:215.3.121.*

Just bought 53k gold off epic. Great guy, fast seller. You won't be disappointed.

December 20,2015
Name: niclas,larsson IP:250.110.250.*

I've bought gold multiple times from these guys and they've always been extremely quick and trustworthy, certainly recommend them to all those wishing to have a safe reliable service.

December 19,2015
Name: Dhaval,Pau IP:71.238.225.*

Have got over around 200k+ Gold from these Fast and no hassle. Just got 35k gold got it within 5 mins of paying!

December 12,2015
Name: Patrick,Stanley IP:88.33.35.*

I'm a longtime buyer for epic, and I must say he conducts busness very well. I just bought 33k gold off of him, and it literally took 5 minutes for me to receive the gold. He is a trustworthy guy and would recommend him to everybody.

December 10,2015
Name: Marcel,Weber IP:216.171.141.*

Bought about 300k wow gold from them , I paid with western union , which means i take the risks. but there guys are reliable as hell. Everything went smoothly.

December 07,2015
Name: Thomas,Barlow IP:218.40.198.*

90-100 in 9 hours. These guys are my go to levelers!

December 03,2015
Name: Marco,Kiviniitty IP:152.212.111.*

I've ordered multiple times over the last year, ranging from 40-130k gold. Orders are relatively quick (30min-1 hour) and they email you to let you know an order is ready. I usually use Live Chat to make sure the server has enough of a stockpile before I order, and their support is always helpful. Will keep using them for the foreseeable future.

November 27,2015
Name: jordan,Kuhlmann IP:35.13.194.*

I've made two purchases and I will be back. Friendly and great communication!

November 25,2015

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