Name: Adam, Besta IP:10.166.23.*

Legit, quick n easy. Sorta like your mom

April 11,2016
Name: Even,Solheim IP:255.25.187.*

ordered 80k on stormscale horde EU, had it within 40 mins, good service

April 10,2016
Name: William,Neece IP:59.223.81.*

Sold 600g on BnS NA, fast and easy, got payment instantly.

March 29,2016
Name: Rasmus,Sandberg IP:202.190.52.*

Just bought 1000g on BnS EU great seller and fast delivery! will use again if im ever in need

March 14,2016
Name: Hugh,Montgomery IP:38.129.57.*

Greatest service ever, opened online chat asked if they had the amount available on my server, they said yes they would deliver instant. I purchased the amount and in SECONDS they delivered the amount. Best service I ever had hands down! Use the online chat they are reliable and kind and will help you every step of the process!

March 10,2016
Name: Nahale,Napeahi IP:122.188.33.*

Ended up buying 150 K gold from him again. Great seller! A+

February 01,2016
Name: Graham,Bull IP:180.58.114.*

I bought 40,000 gold (20,000g split on same serve for Alliance and horde) from here yesterday at about 5pm and received it at around 2 in the morning. They were out of stock when I bought it, but with the hard work and dedication of the staff, they came through for me. Safe and reliable service, cheap gold, and I will be happy to use this service again.

January 17,2016
Name: Lachlan,Stone IP:68.69.118.*

I bought some gold from this website yesterday and everything went perfect. Great friendly support, super fast delivery and low prices. The person in live chat was speaking very fluent english.

January 16,2016
Name: Kyle Duffy IP:219.161.244.*

bought 130k wow gold and one swift tigher from them, reliable and fast service

January 07,2016
Name: Matthew,Muramoto IP:86.80.142.*

Hace bought 200$ worth of wow gold from this guy in the past several months, all transactions there worked our smoothly! Thanks a lot.

January 01,2016

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