Name: Merl IP:199.30.165.*

very fast super coll +rep

September 01,2016
Name: Jack Wonder IP:238.14.60.*

Bought 20k gold, sorted within an hour, good communication, will use in future

August 22,2016
Name: Thong, Doul IP:118.80.138.*

bought 30k gold, delivered within 4 minutes thanks heaps, will buy from you again in the future.

August 19,2016
Name: Sahil, Lee IP:159.233.125.*

Just bought 200k gold again from these guys! They are amazing, delivery was done in fairly 5 minutes. +rep, will be back for more.

August 16,2016
Name: spida, webz IP:156.77.23.*

Just bought of these guys: 1) Chat operator wasn't the usual "I'm in some foreign country, allow time for translator text to update" latenc. Fast & Responsive. 2) I asked upfront the delivery time, promised 15mins. Delivered in 15mins ..well 20 if you take into account walk times... 3) Would buy again if they can retain this kind of attitude and service.

August 12,2016
Name: Hirin,gu IP:156.33.223.*

Let me start by saying their service is amazing! Brilliant communication, highly professional, very good prices and both orders i've made have been completed before the estimated completion time, i will never use another service to powerlevel any of my mmo accounts, if you have any doubts about the site be assured it's 100% legit and amazing 5***** !!

July 11,2016
Name: Kan,TeHao IP:150.129.94.*

Ordered 70k on US, would recommend! Customer service was extremely fast! 10/10!

July 01,2016
Name: Lord, Lion IP:144.199.69.*

Ordered on Kargath - alliance US, recieved very fast and friendly service, such a good company <3

June 24,2016
Name: Precious, Moon IP:128.200.80.*

Selling u 985k EDIT : sold ,all good received my cash

May 20,2016
Name: Juuso,Mäkinen IP:240.187.188.*

sold me two keys, thanks man.

May 01,2016

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