Name: Ckhightowerk IP:179.239.236.*

Just ordered 100 to 110 last night from these guys. They woke up a worker and had it done the next morning. Amazing service. Definitely recommend. They will be my #1 vendor.

August 12,2018
Name: Lonestarrr IP:15.247.28.*

Bought a PL, said it would take 24 hours, got it done in 21. Responded to any question I had through Skype with no issues. Perfect service.

December 21,2016
Name: Rewiind IP:221.99.143.*

Bought another PL because im Lazy. Once again it was done under 24 hours. Only use this service to do powerleveling.

December 10,2016
Name: animo IP:66.161.194.*

Bought 200k , instant delivery. Awesome guy, highly recommend.

December 07,2016
Name: Rewiind IP:221.99.143.*

2nd time buying from seller. I Ordered 100-110 Fast PL. Just like the first one i ordered it was fast and done under 24 hours. Would Recommend.

November 30,2016
Name: sahilwadhawan IP:68.234.5.*

Bought 300k from him, delivered in 5 minutes.. +rep.. thankyou

November 22,2016
Name: TheMistery IP:184.8.233.*

Just bought 50k gold great Guy :)

November 14,2016
Name: kronos-char IP:211.246.190.*

just had this guy for a 100-110 rogue. took 24 hours with the maintenance on tuesday. Awesome job and will use again

November 11,2016
Name: xVuDu IP:51.138.175.*

Got an awesome service. 100% would buy again. Thanks guys. Great purchase!

November 11,2016
Name: mrdon1984 IP:146.118.16.*

Nice i bought the service a lot of times 1A+ will deffinetly come back again and again <3

November 07,2016

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  • Just ordered 100 to 110 last night from these guys. They woke up ...

    by Ckhightowerk
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    by george,mokbel
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    by Stoyan,Watsula
  • vouch for epic! very fast bought 10k gold took next to no time!!

    by Patrick,Power

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